Welcome to Dan Hua Chinese Language School

Dan Hua Culture & Education Center is a weekend Chinese Language School which opens its door to 500 students on Saturdays. Established in 1999, Dan Hua Chinese Language School started with a high quality. Through years of endeavor, it has become one of the largest and the best Chinese Language School in the Netherlands. There are total of 22 Class Groups offering Chinese Language lessons to students from various age groups (children, youth and adults). For the new school starts in September 2016, following groups will be open to welcome new members:

Primary group

  • Three new groups are available for children from 4-year-old;
  • For those students who have reached certain levels, it’s also possible to join one of the Existing Class Groups.

Youth group

  • One new Youth Group opens for beginners;
  • Youth Advanced Group is open for new members.

Adult group

  • One new Adult group opens for beginners;
  • Adult Advanced Group is open for new members.

We welcome you to join one of our Open days, which will be on the 18th and 25th of June, 2016. (Both are Saturdays, from 11:00 to 14:20)

The school is located at Essenburgsingel 58, 3022 EA Rotterdam.

More information can be found on the Dan Hua official website: www.danhua.nl